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Architecture of Hotel Playa Turquesa

The Hotel Playa Turquesa was built in the year 2003. Its architecture and decoration remain a typical Spanish ranch of ends of the XIX century, with the vibranting colors of caribbean cuban, where the song of the autochthonous birds is mixed with the breeze of the sea, inviting to go for a walk and to relax, in the beautiful Playa Yuraguanal Beach in the coast of the county of Holguín in the Oriente of Cuba.

Hotel Occidental Playa Turquesa Building

One of the most beautiful aspects in the Occidental Grand Playa Turquesa Hotel is that the swimming pools are connected by waterfalls amid palms and bougainvillea.

Hotel Occidental Playa Turquesa Pool

The Hotel Playa Turquesa shows over 500 rooms, housed of separate form at 64 villages of one or two storeys, the ones that are spread for all the property.

The hotel is totally accessible for disabled guests; it has ramps that connect the whole principal area of the hotel, including the restaurants, stores and the pool areas. In order to access the restaurant of beach, a shuttle service is accessible for all of the guests.

The Hotel Playa Turquesa has a porte-cochere supported on limestone columns shades the entrance. The lobby, surrounded with similar arched columns, is open on three sides and done up in rich tropical pastels that repeat themselves throughout the resort.

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